J A N U A R Y   À   L A   C A R T E

T O    B E G I N

Soup of the Day  £4.95  (Ch(GFP)

Freshly made & served with a mini tin loaf

Homemade Duck Liver, Orange and Cognac Pâté  £5.95  (Ch(GFP)

With toasted mini tin loaf & caramelised red onion marmalade

Free Range Crispy Duck Egg  £5.95

Soft boiled, coated in breadcrumbs & deep fried, served on a warm chorizo & black pudding salad

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom  £5.95/£10.95 (V)

With Cranberry sauce, goats cheese & candied pecans on mixed leaves with balsamic glaze

(main served with French fries)

Tian of Scottish Smoked Salmon & White Devon Crabmeat  £6.50

With citrus dressing and toasted crostini

Warm Focaccia Bread & Olives  £5.50  (V)

Sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread, sun-blushed tomatoes, stuffed bell peppers, balsamic & olive oils

Gambas Pil Pil  £7.50  (GFP)

Traditional Spanish dish of sizzling king prawns cooked in chilli & garlic, served with crispy ciabatta

T O    S H A R E

Game & English Charcuterie Board  £13.95  (GFP)

Venison salami with green peppercorns, dry cured duck breast, red wine & draycott blue salami and Black Combe ham with buffalo mozzarella, stuffed baby bell peppers, fresh Greek mixed olives, semi-dried tomatoes, sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread, speciality chutney & oils

Seafood Board £13.95 (GFP)

Sweet chilli marinated king prawns, Scottish smoked salmon, caviar, crispy whitebait, sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, smoked chilli jam, lemon mayonnaise, sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread

Home Baked Camembert  £9.50 (V)  (GFP)

Served with speciality chutney and sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread

About the Menu

We hope you enjoy our menu. As our food is made fresh to order, please be patient, especially during busy times. In order to maintain the highest customer satisfaction, it has become our policy to offer extra side portions free of charge, if you feel that you haven’t had enough of something with the meal you ordered. Therefore please do not hesitate to let a member of staff know if this is the case. The staff and management hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable time here.

Our foods are sourced locally wherever possible: Bowkett of Oldbury - butcher, Charles Jordan, butcher – Belbroughton, Taylor’s Catering Foods Ltd, butcher – Stoke Prior, MRJ Willis, fishmonger - Brixham Day Boats, Prices Fruit & Veg, Blakedown, Heggies of Hereford (steaks), Touch of Hart, Bridwell Park (Venison), Bennetts Farm, Worcester (Ice cream)

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