s O C T O B E R  A   L A   C A R T E s

s T O    B E G I N s

Soup of the Day  £5.25 Ch

Freshly made & served with a mini tin loaf

Homemade Duck Liver, Orange & Cognac Pâté  £6.50 Ch GFP

With toasted mini tin loaf & caramelised red onion marmalade

Crispy Pancetta Wrapped Halloumi ‘Fingers’ £5.95 GF

Mixed leaves, smoky picante tomato & chilli dip

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom £5.95/£11.95 V GF

Stuffed with three cheeses (mozzarella, parmesan & cheddar) and sun-dried tomato, served with mixed leaves and tarragon mayonnaise (also available as a main served with French fries)

Warm Focaccia Bread & Olives £5.95 V

Sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia, sun-blushed tomatoes, stuffed bell peppers, balsamic & olive oil

Chilli & Orange King Prawns  £7.95  GFP

Sizzling king prawns cooked with chilli, garlic, orange & samphire, crispy garlic ciabatta 

Crispy Duck Pancakes  £6.95/£13.95

Shredded confit duck served with pancake wraps, homemade Chinese dipping sauce and spring onion, cucumber & sesame seed salad (also available as a main served with prawn crackers)

T O    S H A R E

Game & English Charcuterie Board  £14.95  GFP

Venison salami with green peppercorns, dry cured duck breast, red wine & draycott blue salami and Black Combe ham with buffalo mozzarella, stuffed baby bell peppers, fresh Greek mixed olives, semi-dried tomatoes, sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread, speciality chutney & oils

Seafood Board  £14.95

Sweet chilli marinated king prawns, Scottish smoked salmon, caviar, crispy whitebait, sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, smoked chilli jam, lemon mayonnaise, sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia

Home Baked Camembert  £9.95 V GFP

Served with speciality chutney and sun-dried tomato & basil focaccia bread